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Breathtaking Natural Phenomenon Photography

I believe that no camera can ever capture teh sheer spectacle of natural beauty. Some of these are incredible though. Enjoy the wonder of nature. Antelope Cyn Light Shaft Anti-Crepuscular Rays Aurora Borealis… Continue reading

Wonderful future for renewable energy

The future appears to be bright for renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and water. In fact, power generation from such renewables will exceed that of gas and nuclear by 2016, according to a… Continue reading

1.2 Million die of Air Pollution in China annually.

China seems to be paying a price for rapid industrialisation. And not enough been done on controlling the air pollution due to the countless spewing chimneys and ever increasing number of vehicles. The… Continue reading

Petrochemical train explodes in Quebec’s Lac-Megantic

News just reported on a train explosion near Quebec. Hope everyone is safe! Eyewitnesses reported that the town centre was crowded at the time of the blast A driverless train carrying light crude… Continue reading

Poles Apart – Differences between the North and the South Poles

Just heard that our family friends, a British couple are going to the Arctic, to follow up last year visit to the other pole to check for themselves, how real the issue of… Continue reading

Scientists capture sharpest ever images of the Sun’s atmosphere

London: Scientists have captured the sharpest ever images of the Sun’s outer atmosphere, using an innovative new camera on-board a sounding rocket. An international team of scientists discovered fast-track ‘highways’ and intriguing ‘sparkles’ that… Continue reading

The most beautiful night sky images, 2013 – Enjoy

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star The camera is fast replacing the telescope as the amateur’s guide to the galaxy. And more and more are looking to the night sky for inspiring images of wonder and… Continue reading

The worst is over, hopefully!

NEW DELHI : After an entire week of struggling , efforts of rescue have finally paid off. Proudly saying 84,000 survivors were rescued throughout ravaged Uttrakhand. The authorities finally seem to be in control over… Continue reading

Emissions of CO2 higher than ever. And ever increasing threat!

According to John Cook, Climate Communication Fellow from the Global Change Institute says that we are now emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than any other time in the whole of history of mankind.… Continue reading

Set Mindset-Delhiites

Delhi needs to look towards Social Justice. Thousands of people were relocated from Yamuna banks in an effort to clean and clear the embankments however the truth is the city is neither cleaner nor greener.… Continue reading