1.2 Million die of Air Pollution in China annually.

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China seems to be paying a price for rapid industrialisation. And not enough been done on controlling the air pollution due to the countless spewing chimneys and ever increasing number of vehicles. The coal fired power stations have been a maj0r contributor to the growing problem and its direct impact.

The Chinese population does not need a report to tell them the problems of their air pollution. They see the smog on a daily basis and cannot see buildings across the street on certain high-level days.

Masks is now a common site in larger cities and parents are starting to forbid children from playing outside means that it has now started affecting day to day lives of the people.

A recent report has suggested that in China, approximately 1.2 million people die prematurely from exposure to outdoor air pollution. And air pollution has become the fourth leading cause of death in China.

“For the most part, the air pollution effects are generally manifested in frail populations — people with asthma are generally more susceptible to the effects of air pollution,” O’Keefe says. “Also the very young and children who live in highly polluted areas for extended periods of time.”

As per NPR, fortunately, attention is coming to this issue and the fact that the Chinese government is allowing presentation of these findings and is even doing their own air monitoring is a step in the right direction.

“They’ve put in place … a nationwide monitoring network that is reporting, in real time, levels of air pollution,” O’Keefe says. “So for the first time the Chinese government is providing transparent levels of air pollution that the public can actually see.”