The worst is over, hopefully!

NEW DELHI : After an entire week of struggling , efforts of rescue have finally paid off. Proudly saying 84,000 survivors were rescued throughout ravaged Uttrakhand.


The authorities finally seem to be in control over the situation now. Most of the people are safe now, for those few still stranded, none are in life threatening situations and have plenty of food reserve, rest assured. Another little arrival of rain grounded many choppers, however the rescue forces still managed to evacuate 4000 people to safety using rope bridges.


Though rains are forecast for 3 days, the authorities aren’t too worried as all people have been reached.

It’ll take 2-3 days to finish the rescue operation fully. Hope for nothing but the best.

The worst is thankfully over. All are are safe in Badrinath, Harsil and Gangotri as reported by the Authorities.

“Hope is tomorrow’s veneer over today’s disappointment.”
Evan Esar