Mumbai and Kolkata to suffer great damage from flooding by 2050

NEW DELHI: Mumbai and Kolkata are at risk of suffering several billions of dollars of damages by 2050 due to flooding even if they upgrade their protection, a study has warned.

ImageMumbai would lose $6.4 billion and Kolkata $3.4 billion annually, the study published in Nature Climate Change estimated.

Flood exposure is increasing in coastal cities owing to growing populations and assets, the changing climate, and subsidence. According to the studies, In the worst case scenario, the world’s 136 largest coastal cities could risk combined annual losses of $1 trillion (750 billion euros) from floods by 2050 unless they drastically raise their defences.

But even the best protection in the world won’t eliminate the risk, said the study. While higher dykes can reduce flooding, the magnitude of losses when they do occur will continue to rise.

Factual INFORMATION : With protection upgrades, the cities with the highest projected annual losses by 2050 were Guangzhou ($13.2 billion), Mumbai ($6.4 billion) and Kolkata ($3.4 billion) in India, Guayaquil ($3.2 billion) in Ecuador and Shenzhen ($3.1 billion) in China. For Guangzhou, this represented an 11 percent rise on 2005 losses and for Kolkata 24 percent, said the studies. Rich cities, many of them in areas more at risk from flooding, can generally afford better defences than poor cities which are over-represented among those that risk the biggest losses.