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Cyclone in Phailin, just made its landfall. Horrifying pictures galore.

All reported pictures are frightening, regarding this unfortunate tragedy, Ill get back to you soon with more information. Advertisements

Breathtaking Natural Phenomenon Photography

I believe that no camera can ever capture teh sheer spectacle of natural beauty. Some of these are incredible though. Enjoy the wonder of nature. Antelope Cyn Light Shaft Anti-Crepuscular Rays Aurora Borealis… Continue reading

The most beautiful natural swimming pools

Devil’s PoolVictoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia “Waded through the river with the guides then swam in a tide pool hanging right over the edge of the falls!” read more » Eco-Arqueological Park Ik KilChichen Itza, Mexico… Continue reading

Poles Apart – Differences between the North and the South Poles

Just heard that our family friends, a British couple are going to the Arctic, to follow up last year visit to the other pole to check for themselves, how real the issue of… Continue reading

Seaweed biofuels: a green alternative that might just save the planet

Fast growing, carbohydrate-rich kelps could supply green biofuels. Photograph: Murdo Macleod Related articles VIDEO: ‘Carpets of seaweed’ grown for fuel ( 4 of the Best Biofuels Stocks (

Natural Wonders

Guess where these are from?

Dirty drinking water kills 2, NCERT Delhi Colony

NEW DELHI : Sadly two people have died and more than 50 are subsequently ill, in south Delhi NCERT Colony. The reason for these catastrophes is suspected to be water contamination in the colony’s underground… Continue reading

The worst is over, hopefully!

NEW DELHI : After an entire week of struggling , efforts of rescue have finally paid off. Proudly saying 84,000 survivors were rescued throughout ravaged Uttrakhand. The authorities finally seem to be in control over… Continue reading

Toll updates to 556

NEW DELHI : Hunger begins to kill. As feared and thought the death toll in the flash floods and landslides on June 16 went up on friday. Official figures put the dead at… Continue reading

Hills & river justice

NEW DELHI : A little research and analysis on the flash floods in Uttrakhand tells a big story on how unplanned development can create unprecedented havoc. Research shows in seven ears since 2005,… Continue reading