Set Mindset-Delhiites

Delhi needs to look towards Social Justice.


Thousands of people were relocated from Yamuna banks in an effort to clean and clear the embankments however the truth is the city is neither cleaner nor greener. This is if not completely somewhat illogical as the working class is paying a great price after being moved into resettlements colonies with no basic amenities including travelling for three hours + just to get to their workplace daily. They want a city, world class city such as singapore but not its environmental or social infrastructure.

Delhi has added more than 10,000 km of roads and more than 60 flyovers over the last decade. However they fail to dedicate enough space to either walking or cycling, despite 35% of Delhiites owning a bicycle.

When the BRT was constructed, opposers claimed that value of the time of a person driving a car was more than that of a poor person using public transport, hence cars should be prioritised. This in turn is absolutely unconstitutional where the government should focus more on shifting from personal to public transport.

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”