The most beautiful night sky images, 2013 – Enjoy

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The camera is fast replacing the telescope as the amateur’s guide to the galaxy. And more and more are looking to the night sky for inspiring images of wonder and awe that is only possible when the heavens open out some of their secrets. Enjoy the below images and salute the guys who captured such beauty for us.


A panoramic sweep of the Milky way and the Northern Lights ‘aurora” seen in Iceland. Photograph courtesy Stephane Vetter


Heaven meets Earth.Photograph courtesy Luc Perrot. Mystical and of unearthly beauty, a portrait of the Milky Way looking to pour down into the depths of the Indian Ocean close to Reunion Island.


Star fallen from Grace? Photograph courtesy Shannon Bileski

A bright meteor appears to pierce the ghostly green glows of an aurora while diving down into the frozen waters off Patricia Beach in Manitoba, Canada.


Bridge to the Milky Way?

Photograph courtesy Zachary Grether

Roosevelt Lake Bridge in Arizona. Many faint stars invisible to the naked eye are captured in this long-exposure shot, despite the bright orange glow from the old mining town of Globe, Arizona, lighting up a bank of low-hanging clouds.

night-sky-contest-2013-twan-mountain-aurora_67416_600x450 (1)

A dazzling green aurora spreads out over the entire overhead sky while the moon lights up a slope of mountain birches in Grøtfjord in northern Norway. Photo – Fredrik Broms


As part of the summer solstice celebrations, great bonfires stud the ridges of theKalkkögel Mountains near Tyrol, Austria, in this night landscape shot taken last June. For hundreds of years, the local people in the Alps have celebrated the summer solstice with great fires on the mountain ridges, explains photographer Norbert Span.

Excerpts courtesy NatGeo and TWAN

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