Dirty drinking water kills 2, NCERT Delhi Colony

NEW DELHI : Sadly two people have died and more than 50 are subsequently ill, in south Delhi NCERT Colony. The reason for these catastrophes is suspected to be water contamination in the colony’s underground… Continue reading

The worst is over, hopefully!

NEW DELHI : After an entire week of struggling , efforts of rescue have finally paid off. Proudly saying 84,000 survivors were rescued throughout ravaged Uttrakhand. The authorities finally seem to be in control over… Continue reading

Emissions of CO2 higher than ever. And ever increasing threat!

According to John Cook, Climate Communication Fellow from the Global Change Institute says that we are now emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than any other time in the whole of history of mankind.… Continue reading

Toll updates to 556

NEW DELHI : Hunger begins to kill. As feared and thought the death toll in the flash floods and landslides on June 16 went up on friday. Official figures put the dead at… Continue reading

Hills & river justice

NEW DELHI : A little research and analysis on the flash floods in Uttrakhand tells a big story on how unplanned development can create unprecedented havoc. Research shows in seven ears since 2005,… Continue reading

more than 62,000 still threatened

NEW DELHI : The official death toll may just be at 102 however many more are feared dead or still threatened in Uttrakhand. The loss of lives could be much higher than what… Continue reading

River Yamuna exceeding danger level

NEW DELHI : Release of water from Haryana barrage has led to the bound rise in Yamuna’s water flow level. Haryana has been continuously releasing water for the past two rainy dys and is furthermore expected to release more.… Continue reading

Rains wreck havoc in the north

NEW DELHI : As the rest of the Country happily is enjoying the relief from heat owing to these early monsoon showers, torrential rains have brought land slides, toppled trees and buildings and bought… Continue reading

Water logging

NEW DELHI : All claims made by the civic bodies of clean storm water drains were literally washed out by the rains on sunday. Several areas reported water logging. However since it was… Continue reading

Dirty Bore-well water

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” NEW DELHI: Diagnosing a baby at a private hospital recently indicated a life threatening disease ” blue baby syndrome” which usually occurs due to a hole in the… Continue reading