Air pollution costing economy $62.5 billion a year!

New Delhi : Stunningly outdoor air pollution in itself claims 100,000 lives of adults and 7,500 lives of children below 5 years of age; annually.


Recent study reveals that the annual cost of environmental degradation in India is equal to about 62.5 billion USD also 3.75 lakh crores INR, which make 5.7% of the total GDP.

According to the bank estimates of annual economy burden shares, Outdoor pollution accounts for 29%, followed by indoor pollution (23%), cropland pollution (19%), water supply and sanitation (14%), pasture (11%) and forest degradation(4%). Indoor air pollution is mainly due to burning of wood in rural areas of the country. Annually over 3.7 lakh hospitals admissions are reported due to outdoor air pollution in urban areas.

According to the report, India can make green growth a reality by planning strategies to reduce environmental degradation at the minimal cost of .02% to .04% of average annual GDP growth rate.

“The internal combustion engine, one of the greatest technological advancements in history, has an unfortunate downside, namely air pollution so thick that, very soon, sixty-four packs of crayons will include the color Sky Brown”

Prevention is always better cure.