Stella is the first Solar powered Car for the family.

stella-worlds-first-solar-powered-family-car09LONDON : Imagine running your car on nothing but sunlight, using solar cells. Not only is this quite extraordinary and an excellent Green concept, but what makes it unique is that it is the world’s first ever solar power car which can carry the whole family and produce electricity simultaneously.

The solar powered cars prototypes built till date could only carry one person, which isn’t very practical most of the times, especially when the need is to carry passengers.

Students from the Netherlands Eindhoven University of Technology revealed, the worlds first solar powered family car, “Stella”, with room for four people and an additional trunk, range of 600 km and an intuitive steering. It looks straight out of a science fiction and possibly more like a space age tank than a car, not the prettiest but would surely get heads turned.

STE will have the car officially certified for safe road use to prove wether this really is a full-fledged functional car.

This instance must also set an example for all of us, inspiration must be sought, after all, ideas are useless unless used.

What next? A car run on starlight?