Uttarakhand Floods – Rescue and Evacuation finally over

Reports suggest that after 17 days of herculean effort, the relief and rescue work in Uttarakhand is now finally accomplished,  An estimated 110,000 souls were evacuated. It has been mostly that the effort was directed to get the stranded tourists and pilgrims out first, the locals still suffer emotional trauma and lack of basic amenities in the land locked areas of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Harsil and Pithoragarh. The places now resemble ghost towns and in contrast to the thriving mela like atmosphere the tourist/ temple towns that summer turned them into with the onslaught of pilgrims and vacationing hordes.

The last 17 days has had its share of heroes, villains, survivor stories and body count. Points and counterpoints of things that could have possibly prevented the extent of the damage and things that could have been done better, netas scrambling for news bytes and photo ops and one upmanship. But then again their has been the wonderful part of the story too, people who have gone out of the way and volunteered help, donations that have poured in, the role of the armed and para military forces, which needs to be hailed.