Uttarakhand Floods. And now rebuilding must begin.

With the immediate over as reported, with respect the rescue and evacuation work. It is clear that normalcy would take a long time, if it ever returns to the victims and the survivors of the disaster. Lives have been lost, property has been irreparably damaged, roads and infrastructure has been ravaged, livelihoods taken away and hope can only be bleak for the affected and uprooted.

The emotional and the economic fallout of the disaster would only now start to sink in to those who survived death at the clutches of nature. Someone has lost the bread earners, some one has lost emotional support, and some hope that children bring to parents getting old. Thousands of villages have been affected and for most inhabitants they have lost the only way they knew how to live. The beautiful abodes and hamlets lie in despair and ruin with generations of history and meagre but proud possessions devoured by the violent force of the holiest of all rivers. Tourism and the little agriculture that sustained the area at large are both gone with both the roads and the top soil having been lost. It would be years before it would be restored, and only if the state acts and lives up to its promises. It is depressing to hear some of the survivors who chillingly wish they had perished rather than now look at what seems endless suffering,