News Flash: Warning not heeded Uttarakhand floods: Met

News Flash: Warning not heeded

Uttarakhand floods: Met had warned against Char Dham yatra

Despite repeated warnings of “heavy rains” issued by the state meteorological department , the Uttarakhand government reportedly failed to pay heed and take timely action that could have saved hundreds of lives lost in the flood-hit state.

According to news reports, the state met department had issued specific advisories asking the top authorities to move the pilgrims to “safer place” and “postpone” the Char Dham yatra. However, the authorities reportedly failed to take the warnings seriously.

Shinde said 105,000 people had been evacuated so far from the flood-hit areas, which is great news but estimates of the dead and the stranded are still murky.

Varied reports of the death toll have been coming in and estimates ranging from the State claimed 900 deaths to over 10,000 reported by Media and people on Ground. The Uttarakhand Chief Minister and the Speaker have vastly different estimates and the CM also has suggested that the true count of the human tragedy may never be known.Lives could have been saved and the damage could have been lesser had the Government acted in time. When would we learn. India has an abysmal record of Disaster management, and disasters continue to become catastrophic just because timely action is not taken to prevent these. And also when something does happen the response is ill planned and reactive. I am really disappointed, and pray for the people of Uttarakhand who have lost so much.