Survivor Stories from Uttarakhand

Survivor Stories from Uttarakhand

Credits – BBC

Below is a survivor story

Among those brought down is a group of Westerners who had come here for a spiritual retreat on the banks of the Ganges.

“We woke up to the news that the bridge leading to our ashram over the river had been swept away,” says Vishaal Kishore, who was born in Essex, in the UK.

“We realise now how incredibly lucky we are to have got out.”

The local villagers were the first to come to their aid.

“These people had lost everything, their homes, their belongings,” Mr Kishore says.

“Yet they found time to cook food for us and cut a path through the mountain to help us out.”

Is it not true that extraordinary circumstances get the best or worst out of people. This was a lovely recount of where people made a difference. God Bless! The poor locals have lost everything and yet they selflessly helped the other. Will life ever be the same for them?