Donations to Prime Minister Relief Fund

Project Saraswati

Project Saraswati

Rag Pickers and Convicts donate to the Prime Minister Relief Fund. Have you?

It has been reported in Media that after the inmates of Tihar Jail having contributed 10 lacs from their daily earnings, ragpickers in New Delhi have come forward with the helping hands for the Uttarakhand relief fund.

The young ragpickers, most of them children, have contributed a sum of Rs 20,000 towards the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund pooling in from their meager earning.

The children are part of a network called ‘Badhte Kadam’. The sum they have donated is the money kept aside as an emergency fund. The move is truly a noble gesture that one can surely take a cue from.

What a gesture of kindness and support. Money is also pouring in from different sources. Only hope that all of it reaches the affected people. But then let this not stop us. Information on the Prime Minister Relief Fund is available here