Hills & river justice

NEW DELHI : A little research and analysis on the flash floods in Uttrakhand tells a big story on how unplanned development can create unprecedented havoc. Research shows in seven ears since 2005, Uttrakhand has had three major flash floods. 27 years before it had just one.


So what happened after 2005? It was wanton development hydroelectric power projects, hotels and roads. Hydel projects require constant blasting of hills to build dams and several tunnels. Disturbing the rock structure, which stats rolling down once the top soil is eroded by rains. This mock fills rivers and flows with it, escalating its rage.

Such a calamity is bound to happen when we change the course of a river by mining, cut trees indiscriminately and build roads haphazardly, such a calamity is bound to occur. Mutual measures, we must take to reduce the human casualties in such dire situations.