Dirty Bore-well water

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

NEW DELHI: Diagnosing a baby at a private hospital recently indicated a life threatening disease ” blue baby syndrome” which usually occurs due to a hole in the heart. However results from tests showed negative. The babes lips, hands and feet were blue in colour.


They found out the baby was being fed with powdered milk mixed with bore-well water, which had high nitrate content, clean drinking water was not available. They tested the baby for methemaglobin levels and found them to be 67% where the normal is usually below 1%.

The doctors found, the water used by villagers had 27 ppm of nitrate levels, where normal has about 10 ppm, which quite obviously is the reason for the blue colour in the baby.

Experts said high nitrate levels may be preset in drinking water due to the use of manure and fertilisers not agricultural land.

“The natural level of nitrates from the the environment is normally a fe milligrams per litre. Intense farming practice may increase this to more than 50/ mg/ litre”

The underground water  should be compulsorily treated for nitrate and other contamination in all ares near sites using pesticides or industrial waste.