‘Green’ Civil Lines has foulest air in Delhi!

NEW DELHI: “It is suggested that in the extreme cases, Man can survice about forty days without food, about three days without water and just roughly 8 minutes without air”.  How about dirty, polluted and foul air. Asthma, Lung Cancer, Excessive coughing, Ear infections and CO (Carbon Monoxide) Poisoning are health effects we all know about. However there can also be several other indirect affects on daily lives. For example and ranging from, “The air becomes hazy and everyday sight/view suffers to just spoiling the daily mood”

trafficpoll1Speaking of dirty air, The Civil Lines area has recorded the worst air quality levels in the whole of Delhi. The area was recording extremely high levels of ozone, which is a byproduct of a reaction between sunlight and oxides of nitrogen.

The standard levels of ozone per 8 hours are 100 mg/m³, However between May 22 and May 27 2013, the eight hourly levelsof ozone ranged from 107 to 219.66 mg/m³ at Civil Lines. Which quite clearly exceed the standard levels.

Ozone is not directly emitted by any source. High levels of volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen in the air react in the presence of sunlight and hot weather and form ozone. If the weather is conducive, and the air is heavy with ample amounts of NOx and VOCs, harmful ozone is formed.”
air-road-pollutionAll through the year the levels of most pollutants including Benzene, and particulate matter are much higher than anywhere else in the city. “Peripheral areas could have increased ozone levelsbecause winds carry ozone and pollutants along.”

Environment department officials too have been unable to come up with a satisfactory explanation for high pollution levels in Civil Lines. “The area does act like a sink due to its location which can be one reason why pollution levels are higher here. The area is also surrounded by roads with heavy traffic. Its proximity to the Yamuna may also have had a role to play in increasing the impact of the pollutants.” says the officials.

air-pollution-illustrationWhile the reasons for the excessive pollutions are unclear, several students from IIT have been roped to study this phenomenon and submit a report in a few months time. Meanwhile inhabitants just bear.

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